Most recipes are for four servings- can I multiply the ingredients if I need more servings?
Yes, the ingredients can simply be multiplied if you want to cook for more friends, but the quantities of cooking fat should remain the same.

How do I remove a recipe from my favorites list?
Go to the recipe you want to remove and tap the (highlighted) favorites button in the bottom of the screen.

The clock on the cooking mode is always set to 5 minutes- how can i change the time?
Tap the 5 minute bar and four wheels will appear where you can set the hours, minutes and seconds.

Is it possible to only select vegetarian dishes?
Yes, there are three different recipe filters in this app. You can select only vegetarian dishes, leave out spicy food, or dishes with a long preparation time (over 30 minutes). Select a filter by tapping one of the symbols at the bottom of the menu- a red filter icon will appear on the menu button to let you know that you have selected a recipe filter.

Some of the recipes are not showing anymore, what happened?
It might be that you turned on one of the recipe filters. You can check this by looking at the menu button. If there is a red filter sign on this button you have turned on one of the filters.

How can I skip the introduction pages?
Tap anywhere on the screen and the menu button will appear. Now you can simply click through to the chapter you want to see.

The menu button disappeared, how do i get it back?
Just tap once anywhere on the screen and the menu button will appear again

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