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The need for a healthy diet is growing and growing. This is particularly the case for those diagnosed with Diabetes, who face nutritional and culinary challenges every single day. Eating in a conscious, healthy manner is demanding when it comes to inspiration, knowledge and creativity. This cooking application offers you forty delicious and balanced recipes- so even when you're not in the mood to cook or on a tight schedule, you receive the right nutrition. The Diabetes Cookbook+ is the sensible inspiration you've been looking for.

The Diabetes Cookbook+ is the first in a series on diabetes cooking. You can browse through our recipes one by one or use one of the filters to narrow the search to quick, vegetarian or less spicy recipes. Use the cooking mode which displays all the information you need at a glance, meaning you won't get sticky fingerprints all over your iPad screen. The timers are there to help you keep track of the time, no matter how many dishes you're juggling at once.

What's more, the nutritional value of each recipe is clearly displayed. The Diabetes Cookbook+ is brimming with additional information on how to cook for and cope with Diabetes. You can even add notes to your recipes and mail a shopping list to your phone.

Diabetes Cookbook Features:

40 inspirational healthy recipes


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Instruction videos
Tips and tricks about the recipes and ingredients
High resolution quality photographs in landscape and portrait mode
Quick access to your favourite recipes through the menu
An instruction mode with integrated clock; the clock works independently so you can set several clocks corresponding to the recipes you're working on
Email option for shopping lists
Make notes if you have your own twist to a recipe and don't want to forget it


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